Developing Community Coalitions to Improve Care

Dr. Boutwell serves as a Senior Physician Consultant to the National Coordinating Center for the Integrating Care for Populations and Communities Theme in the CMS QIO 10th Statement of Work (SOW). This is the national technical assistance engine for the CMS Quality Improvement Organizations(QIOs), which are contracted to provide technical assistance to Community-based Care Transitions Program communities within each state. This work strives to support the development of community coalitions across the country that are focused on working together in new ways to improve care transitions.

In 2010 Dr, Boutwell and colleagues from the Long Term Quality Alliance founded the Innovative Communities Initiative. The Innovative Communities Initiative aims to be a non-governmental extension agent of the vision of the Partnership for Patients to engage and mobilize 2,000 communities nationwide to work together in new ways to improve care across settings and over time. The Innovative Communities Initiative focuses on the needs of individuals and their caregivers who require long-term services and supports.